New Sales News

This is one of those pages I hope to update frequently.  
So please check back often.

Although every author hopes that everything he/she writes will sell, that is not the reality for most of us.  Perhaps eventually every story sells, but stories don't necessarily sell to the first or even tenth market tried.  The competition is fierce and so every sale should be celebrated.

Between celebrations, writers don't just stand by waiting . . . they write.  But me hunched over a computer isn't much of a picture.

For publisher information on the sales listed below, check out the publications page under the appropriate genre.

Please Watch For These Titles
In Media Tie-Ins:
Look for two of my stories in the upcoming anthology from the 2011 Bonanza Round Up convention in September. So these stories are westerns based on the popular TV series. In "The Cattle Drive" two storylines are interwoven. In one, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe are on a cattle drive, dealing with rustlers, swollen rivers and robbers while on the homefront, Ben Cartwright is entertaining the territorial governor and falling in love with the wrong woman. In "Snowed In" the boys are bored while stuck at home and Joe decides to get Adam's goat with a little help from Hoss. But the pranks are turned around on all of them.

In Humor:

"The Goth Girl Next Door" is the story of a vampire who's just trying to make a living as a coffin model when a monster hunter moves in next door.  Find it in Esther Friesner's anthology "Fangs for the Mammories" which was published by Baen Books in the fall of 2010. So it's in bookstores now.

In Horror:
"The Fort" recently appeared in the anthology "Monster Mash," published by Pill Hill Press. The story's alternative title was "The Ghoul Solution." In this historically set story at a French fort in the 1600s, a local Indian tribe has taken sick and turned into zombies. Well, what eats the dead--or undead? Ghouls. You get the picture.

And in Fantasy:
"Norumbega" recently appeared in the anthology "Belong" which was published out of Australia. In this historical fantasy, I explore the reason for why the Abernaki legendary city of Norumbega vanished from North America.

And coming soon, you can read my story in the anthology "Dia de los Muertos." In this historical fantasy, the creator of the catrinas (those dressed skeletons associated with the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos) is featured as creating a living catrina, quite by accident, which appears in modern times. This story contains elements of magic realism as well.