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Don't you hate categories?  At least on principle?  But labels do make it easier to find what we're looking for.   Because some stories fall under more than one genre or contain multiple elements, I've cross-listed those entries.  Click on a category to see what I have currently published or will have coming out that might appeal to you.

You can find most every title listed on Amazon, of which I'm a major fan.  But so you can see what else is available from the various small presses that you may not even know exist, I'm giving you the publisher's direct link.  If I may make an economic-based comment, small presses provide readers with alternative choices that might not have a broad enough appeal to be published by mass market houses.  An avid reader myself, I like those books popular with the masses as well as those popular with smaller fan bases.  If you have eclectic taste, or don't always go with the crowd, or like something a little different, browse the small presses and give them a try.  You may be surprised to find a lot of your favorite authors have stories there as well.

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