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If you live in Garland, Mesquite, Richardson, Wylie, Sachse, Rowlette or Plano Texas, let Asrai teach you to dance.

Belly Dancing is an ancient exercise.  Originally it was created for women and by women.  Mothers taught their daughters to strengthen their bodies to help them survive the physical strain of bearing children.  At various times in history and In places, belly dancing was part of ancient rites and rituals.  It has a very rich history.

Why belly dance today?  For the same reasons people have danced for centuries.  The exercise is designed to strengthen muscles and gain flexibility.  Belly Dancing can offer the same benefits as a Pilates workout, with Yoga stretching, and because it's a weight-bearing exercise, it's good for your bones.  Dancing improves coordination and balance as it teaches you to be more graceful.

Belly Dancing is a fun way to exercise along with having really fabulous exercise clothes.  Learn to dance for your own sake, then if so inclined, dance for that special someone or be the hit of a party when you perform.

Students at Holford RecJoin Asrai's class on Tuesday nights from 6 pm to 7 pm at the Holford Rec Center in Garland.  The class is for beginners and dancers with some experience.  Our focus is on muscle work, coordination, and technique.  For the more advanced students, Asrai gives individualized instruction to improve and enhance otherwise seemingly basic moves being taught the rest of the class.  Even for the beginning dancer, the class will help you develop combinations and learn to piece moves together to create a dance.

Contact the Holford Rec Center to Sign Up:
Telephone Number  (972) 205-2772
Website for the  Holford Rec Center

If Tuesday doesn't work for you, maybe Thursday nights from 6 pm until 7 pm at the Liberty Rec Center in Plano will work out better. The sessions run 8 weeks long.  The new class begins January 22, 2009 and runs until March 12th.

Contact the Liberty Rec Center to Sign Up:
Telephone Number (972) 769-4234
Website for the Liberty Rec Center

Summer Hula Class

Private Classes & Private Lessons

Because Asrai has been dancing since she was 12, she's developed her own fusion style.  As well she's incorporated a variety of dance props from the traditional to the unusual.  In traditional belly dance props, she is versed in using the veil, cape, wings of Isis, scimitar, cane, feathered fans, gypsy fans, and candles.  In unusual props, she and her troupe have developed routines using feathered boas, bullwhips, Japanese sai, spears, and even Halloween pitchforks.

using veilsgypsy style and tambourineFor students interested in learning to belly dance or to incorporate props into your routine, Asrai is available for private lessons or private classes.  The fee is by the hour.  Contact Asrai for further information.

Asrai is available to teach workshops on the basics, putting a show together, developing a theme for you show, using dance props, how-to choreograph, sewing your own costume, or she can teach one of her routines.

For rec-center directors, or company managers who would like to offer belly-dancing classes at your site, contact me for available days and times.   For these classes, the fee is based on a per-student basis, with a lower per-student price for larger classes.

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