Dancers For Hire

Asrai, Ravenar, and Troupe Ghazala perform in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.   Solo and troupe performances can be arranged.  If desiring a performance outside the DFW area, contact Asrai for information when Ravenar might be in your location, or to discuss travel arrangements.

When contacting Asrai, please provide the following information:

1) Where will the performance be?
2) How long a performance would you like to have?
3) When do you need us?
4) Would you prefer a choreographed routine?
Non-choreographed would be the sort done in restaurants or at parties.
 We call this "Harem Styled Dancing."
5) Do you require a traditional show or a themed show?
6) If you'd like themed show, is it one we've already done?
     See what's posted on Ravenar's Gallery.
7) Or do you have a theme in mind?
     We require a minimum of 4 months prior notice to develop a new theme.

Examples Of Some Of Our Themes

Barbarian Warriors & PrincessPixies Gone WildOur Monster Mash--Witch, Medusa, Mummy & DevilBased on Star Trek's Argellian Dancers

Above, photos (from left to right) from our "Barbarians" Show, "Pixies Gone Wild," our very own "Monster Mash" and our tribute to "Star Trek." Some of our other themes have included Vampires, Jungle Cats, Pirate Wenches, Snakes, Devil Women (with wings) and "Men's Fantasy Chicks" in which we're belly dancing versions of a cheerleader, a dominatrix, Catholic school girl and a biker chick.

Ravenar Dance Troupe Asrai Troupe Ghazala
Ravenar Asrai Troupe Ghazala