Educational Background

From SMU (Southern Methodist University)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with EE minor area
Bachelor of Arts in Russian Area Studies
From UTD (University of Texas at Dallas)
Masters of Teaching in Earth Sciences Education

Secondary Teaching Certification
      in computers, math and Earth sciences
Lunar Briefing Certification (to borrow moon rock samples)

Commercial Pilot Certification for Single Engine Land
    with Instrument Rating
Advanced Ground Instructor Certification

S.C.U.B.A certification

Mostly, I've been a teacher. Even while a student, I was a tutor. In college, while only a freshman, I was a grader and tutor for another of my professor's classes, a master's level programming class--for non-computer science majors. Meaning, what they earned master's level credit for, I had learned in my high school computer-math course.

Pinkerton handbookAbout the one time I wasn't "teaching" was during my college years. I found the perfect job for a college kid--and highly recommend it, if one can  be found. I was a Pinkerton security guard. That's right . . . I worked for one of the oldest agencies in the country. I got lucky. Real lucky. A company needed on-site security as it garnered them an insurance break. All I had to do was be there during from about 10 pm until 3 am. My only job was to be able to phone if something happened. Once or twice a night, I strolled through the halls. I wasn't to confront anyone, should they try to break in. I wasn't to put out fires. I was just to phone if something happened. And the company that hired me, via Pinkertons, let me use their Watts line (this was before everyone had a cell phone) or do my homework or nap on the front sofa. For a college kid, you can't ask for better than to get paid while doing your homework.

Currently, when I'm not writing, I teach tai chi and belly dance.  As well, I'm available for performances or demonstrations.  In 1980 I formed Ravenar, which first began dancing at science fiction conventions, blending sci-fi themes with dance. I've also run numerous workshops and have taught belly dance classes at various rec-centers and fitness centers.

I've studied tai chi since 1990 and have been teaching that, at my teacher's request, since 1995. I've competed at tournaments and have won a gold medal and three silver ones. As well, I've judged at competitions.

For more on either topics, including sites where I am currently teaching classes, please check out the pages devoted to those aspects of my life.