Classes and Lessons Available
If you live in Garland, Mesquite, Richardson, Wylie, Sachse, Rowlette or Plano Texas, Sifu Linda can teach you the ancient art of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi (also spelled Taiji) is a martial art and an excellent way to strengthen leg muscles and bones.  It improves balance, coordination, and joint flexibility.  Because of this, many doctors encourage their patients to learn tai chi. Its benefits can prevent hip problems down the line.  It's also one of the main forms of exercise recommended for people with arthritis.

Currently, Linda is teaching classes at two recreation centers.  You may enroll at either at any time.  Both centers offer the 64 form.  In tai chi, each movement, such as "single whip" or "white crane spreads its wings" is called a form.  So a 64 form means there are 64 individual movements, or forms.   Each night in class we run through the entire 64 form at least once.  New students are encouraged to follow along.  Their benefit is to develop a sense of the "big picture," so they'll know where the segment they are currently learning falls. By following along, and especially by noting the weighting and way we step, the new student develops a stronger sense of rooting faster.  Because it requires about a year to learn the whole form, the full run-through allows continuing students to review those segments they learned in previous sessions.   Most students continue in the class after completing the form. During the first pass, students learn the basics and memorize the sequence of forms. They continue learning and refining their form on following passes. And in refining, they develop more energy and reap greater benefits.

Linda has been teaching various tai chi forms since 1995.

Because she is a state certified teacher, albeit in math and science, Linda has been trained to education others.  Because she has a strong math background, she is able to break the movements into easier to understand components.  Her programming and logic background helps her help her students find the way he/she best memorizes sequences.

Available Classes

The Liberty Rec Center, on Glencliff in Plano, offers the 64 form on Thursday nights from 7 pm to 8 pm.  Classes are generally scheduled for 8-week sessions, with a few shorter sessions to fill in any breaks.

Telephone Number (972) 769-4234
Website for the Liberty Rec Center

The Holford Rec Center in Garland offers their classes on a month-by-month basis.  The form is taught on Tuesday nights from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Telephone Number (972)205-2772
Website for the Holford Rec Center

Private Classes & Private Lessons

Linda has her own studio for those students seeking private lessons or putting together a small, private class.  The advantages are personalized instruction and learning at a rate of your choosing.

Plum Blossom Fan tai chi staff double sword form Wind-Fire Wheel single sword form xhingi broadknife

Dallas Morning News, April 23, 2001For students interested in learning:
The 24 Short Form
The 64 Form
Single Sword
Double Sword
Wind-Fire Wheel

Contact Linda to arrange private lessons or classes.
John F. Rhodes/Staff Photographer
Garland Resident Linda Donahue fights a
stiff wind while performing tai chi at EarthFest
for the Metroplex.  The first-time event took
place Sunday at White Rock Lake's Flag
Pole Hill.
For rec-center directors, or employees of companies who would like to offer tai chi at your site, contact me for available days and times.   For such classes, the fee is based on a per-student basis, with a lower per-student rate for larger classes.

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