Atrium in Garland At neighborhood block party Outside Holford Rec Center

Plum Blossom FanXhingi boradknifeTai Chi is beautiful to watch.

Linda has studied several empty hand and weapon forms.  Along with the popular 24, or Short Form, she practices the Lu style 72 form, created by Master Lu Hung Bin of Taiwan, along with Master Lu's 64 form, a Yang style form.  Of Master Lu's other forms she practices taiji staff, single sword, double sword and a xhingi broadknife form.  As well, she practices a Plum Blossom Fan form and Grandmaster Dr. Sun's Wind Fire Wheel form.

tai chi stafftai chi double swordMaster Lu's forms are graceful, powerful and also rare.  As a courtesy to Master Lu, you may not record his forms as that was expressly against his wishes.  Master Lu wished for his forms to be passed down from sifu to pupil in the tradition of tai chi.

If you are interesting in having Linda demonstrate any of her tai chi forms at your next function, please contact her for information and fees. She is available in the Dallas-Fort Worth area but will travel if expenses are met. 

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