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Because I've been a teacher for so many years, I've developed an ingrained desire to help others learn. The fact I'm a new author and still learning myself means I remember what it's like to hit those brick walls. As well, I remember those things I've learned through my mistakes and from the many writing classes and workshops I've attended.  With that in mind, I'd like to share with you.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me . . . or speak with me at a convention.  I'm always happy to help and will try to respond to questions quickly.

Here's a few of my writer tips:
How to Critique
Forming a Writer's Group
Ending Writer's Block
Structuring an Idea into a Story
Magic 101
World-Building Foundations -- Building a Solid World
Giving Your Characters Character

So, if I know so much, do I get everything right?  Certainly not.  Even knowing what I'm attempting to achieve doesn't mean I achieve it.  Knowing is understanding the concept.  The ability to do it correctly is applying the concept.  And so like you and countless other authors, I'm always striving to improve my craft and hopefully learning from each new mistake.  After all, we're only human.  And humans, being imperfect creatures, cannot create perfection.  Therefore there isn't anything we've ever created that couldn't be improved.

As I learn more, I'll try to remember to update my tips and add new topics.  If there are any topics anyone would like me to address, please contact me and let me know your questions.

As a final note, if you ever receive feedback from an editor be grateful. Not all editors have the time or take the time to offer their opinion.  Remember, the editor is the first reader you must entertain with your story.